Plan your Vacation in Style: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those places in the world that enjoys a distinct diversity in terms of the thriving ecosystems, and that alone is what should motivate you to take some time off and visit the place. The country has some of the world’s best beaches, and Costa Rica Beach Resorts are known for their great hospitality and luxurious offerings.

Apart from the beaches, the place boasts of its good weather all around the year, and adventure treks across the five different forests that the country is home to. Also, Costa Rica is the perfect place to holiday because of not only the beaches and the forests, but also the active volcanoes that find their abode in this place.

Here, we tell you the top things you should definitely opt for, if you are planning to vacation in Costa Rica.

TheNicoya Peninsula

The 80-mile long shoreline at the Nicoya Peninsula boasts of some of the best Costa Rica Beach Resorts that the country has to offer. Apart from its pristine but rustic beaches, the other highlights at the place are its gorgeous sunsets. For all the adventure lovers, there are options for surfing and sea-diving, where you can make friends with colorful fishes and humongous tortoises. The place also has some magnificent waterfalls and amiable cerulean waves that will most definitely tug at your heart-strings.

The “Gold Coast” or Guanacaste

Costa Rica’s Gold Coast is not only one of the most unique destinations to visit in the country, but also the world. Apart from the surreal and secluded beaches here, the region has sunny savannas with a sprinkle of active volcanoes, contrasting the damp rainforests home to this region. Another important place to visit in the area is the Rincón de la Vieja National Park for its mesmerizing waterfalls and hot springs, along with the Santa Rosa National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site for preserving the site of the 1856 Battle of Santa Rosa.

San José

Costa Rica’s vibrant capital, San José attempts to be the country’s central hub of exploration. In case you want to get back to the city life before traversing the beaches and rainforests, San José is your ideal halt-destination. The most popular tourist attractions here are the Jade Museum and Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, both of which are home to dazzling pre-Columbian artefacts. The only problem here: one needs to be vigilant about their belongings at all times and stay clear of anyone even remotely suspicious-looking in nature.

Costa Rica might not be your idea of a budget friendly location for a family location, but it does have the facilities to make you plan a romantic getaway with just your spouse in tow. So make up your minds and plan your vacation accordingly!