Foods You Wouldn’t Want To Miss In Your Next Trip Dubai

DUBAI is a lovely city according what we’ve often heard, and read about Dubai in and other medias. But what makes the people who have been there to continually going back over and again with more friends? Is it only because of the exotic cars, marvelous structures, and the sunshine Offcourse not. It’s also because of its food as well.

The amount of tourist visiting Dubai keep increasing, so does the number of apartments and hotels in the city. The last thing any traveler needs is to visit a city with a horrible collection or taste in food.

It is safe to say DUBAI has some of the most ravished cuisines in the western world, blended with local delicacies in some of the best restaurants and hotels in the city.

For example, there is Paul bakery & restaurant that is located in every mall you can find in DUBAI. They offer Italian, French and American cuisines that taste just like homemade. As a tourist, you can choose to dine in the restaurant or ask for deliveries to be bringing your hotel room or apartment.

The menu consists of both salad, pasta, sandwiches, and pizzas. The salads are mostly; quinoa nature salad, Crabe et saumon salad, fermiere, salad Nicoise, etc. Pasta is not left out as well as they include; ravioles aux.champignons et ricotta, p’ates rigatoni aux saumon et crevettes, p’ates completes aux legumes and much more

Sandwiches are served in Catalan, dinde camembert, villageois, along with potato hedges. Cocktails also come in peach orangeade, passion fruit ginger, red berries, and mint juice like; lemonade, mango, and Paul milk shake.

Pascal French Tepper is another bakery and restaurant that’s usually crowded. They offer freshly baked bread, viennoiseries, Petit dejeuner, eggs, pizza, white or red bread, etc.

Located in a highly spacious environment and decorated with brown furnishings and terracotta tiling. French bakery serves cakes, butter croissants, muffins, donuts, cinnamon rolls. They even serve classic and premium sandwiches at a meager price.

Oushe gourmet bake shop is widely known for its gourmet twist served in four categories;

Deli products, sandwiches, salads, etc. are offered under the DelOushé category. Sweet baked products, such as cookies, pastries, etc. are presented under the KaakOushé category; and finally, the ManOushé includes all baked bread snack products.

If you are looking for the best coffee shops in the emirate, Dubai have them from Starbucks, chocolate bar, caribou coffee, coffee bean and tea leaf, etc

Some of this coffee shops brought their country cafe style down to Dubai; no wonder there are quite a number of them in Dubai selling a variety of coffee specials, most of which become made from whole beans.


Desert is served in any of these restaurants mentioned above like Glasshouse Brasserie, can Brasserie, A.O.C French brasserie, Bombay brassiere, etc. prawns, meat, seared tuna, etc