Frugal travels

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to travel don’t sit at home moping. Instead, put on your thinking cap and figure out ways to cut costs on doing what you love the most!

Travel doesn’t have to be an expensive dream vacation; it can be discovering things and places closer to home. Get a tank of gas, pack a bag, and look for an interesting place you’ve never explored before. How can you do this when you’re low on cash? The easiest way is to cut corners where you won’t miss them as much. Here are a few tips you can use to trim your own budget and save some cash for traveling:

Cook fresh food at home. Ordering takeout is tempting when you’ve worked a long day but the cost skyrockets compared to making the food yourself. The same goes for ready-to-heat frozen foods; they’re tasty and fast but much more expensive. Instead, buy fresh ingredients and make twice the amount, then freeze half for a later date. Do a rough estimate of the amount of money saved and set it aside specifically for your next trip.

Skip the extras. If you stop for coffee on the way to work every morning get in the habit of using a travel mug instead. By brewing your own java you can probably save $40 or more a month towards your next trip. The same goes for lunch: brown bag it and save a bundle.

Check your utility bills. Dial down the thermostat, turn off lights and unplug chargers when you’re not using them. See if you can downgrade your cable package, and read over your phone contract for any possible extras you can live without.

Look for travel discounts. Don’t just check travel websites; look for extra deals on a site such as Groupon. You’ll find discount coupons for hotels, flights, attractions, and other travel related deals. You can even find deals on luggage!

Stop impulse buying. Whenever you go to a store make a list first and don’t buy anything else unless absolutely necessary. If you see a great deal you think you can’t pass up walk around the store for another 10 minutes and think it over before you decide.

By watching where your money goes you’ll soon find out how it disappears, and you’ll have much more to spend when you’re ready to travel!