The Items Most Commonly Forgotten by Vacationers

Getting ready for a vacation should be a fun and enjoyable experience, but in reality it’s often filled with anxiety and worry. Who’s going to look after the house while you’re away? Have you remembered everything you need? Are the passports in date? What if you forget to turn everything off? Who will pick up the mail? Does everyone have the appropriate inoculations? These kinds of questions make the preparations for a trip something of an administrative nightmare, and having so much to worry about often leads to forgetting to do something, worrying you’ve forgotten to do something, or simply leaving an important item at home.

It would seem that’s a common theme among vacationers, with a recent survey finding that 53% of people leave behind an important item they intended to take on their trip with them, with items ranging from clothing to vital medications.

But what are the most commonly forgotten items? Luckily, the research gives us the statistics, and tells us that the most commonly forgotten items are clothing (20% of people) and eyewear (15%). What’s worse, is that 4 out of 5 people will actually pay out to replace these forgotten items while they’re on holiday, which could get expensive if you’ve left your Gucci suit or Oliver Peoples sunglasses at home.

Here’s the full breakdown of the most commonly forgotten items:

  • Clothing – 20%
  • Sunglasses or glasses – 15%
  • Phone charger – 13%
  • Toothbrush – 12%
  • Medication – 11%
  • Sun tan lotion – 10%
  • Toiletries – 10%
  • Female sanitary products – 8%
  • Food – 6%
  • Swimwear – 5%

So next time you’re about to head out on a trip, perhaps look through the list above and make sure you haven’t forgotten anything, and maybe you’ll save yourself some money on your vacation!