Top Things to Do in The Cayman Islands

For Americans, visiting the Cayman Islands it’s not difficult. There are nonstop flights to Cayman Islands from 14 cities in the US, and it only takes around three to four hours by airplane. If you leave from Dallas or Detroit at 7:00 am, you will arrive there before lunch time.

The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are very popular for their beautiful beaches. This is why many travelers consider them as summer vacation spots. On the other hand, The Cayman Islands are not just about beaches. There are also lots of different things and places you can do and try here, and today we will explore several of them.

  1. Tiki Beach

Tiki bars attract many tourists because of beach ambiance they display, let alone Tiki Beach. This is one of the things you should experience in the Cayman Islands. Here you can rent snorkel gear, or invite your friends to play beach volleyball.

  1. Mermaid Statue

In the Cayman Islands, scuba diving is very common. If you plan to go scuba diving, don’t forget to explore some underwater sites such as the Mermaid Statue which is 35 minutes west from the east end. The statue is nine-foot tall and is 55 feet deep. This is an underwater spot most scuba divers in the Cayman Islands do not forget to visit.

  1. The Cayman National Museum

If you are a first timer in these islands, it’s best you visit the Cayman National Museum. Here you see some audiovisual presentations of the many things you need to know about the Cayman Islands, and these include the island’s history, culture, natural wonders, and lifestyle.

  1. Rum Point

Rum Point is one of the most popular beaches in the Cayman Islands. This is because of its quiet nature while providing visitors with fun and exciting activities like snorkeling and diving. Nevertheless, Red Sail Sports can also be found here. The atmosphere is perfect for those who wish to relax and relive stress.

  1. Over the Edge Bar

In the Cayman Islands, the idea of visiting a bar is what occurs to almost all visitors. And when it comes to bars, the most popular of which is Over the Edge Bar. Here you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and the wind coming from the sea. Moreover, the design of the place is very relaxing.
At Over the Edge bar, you can order Bloody Mary with marinated conch. Aside from that, the ingredients in most of their preparations are coming from locally grown gardens that are organic and unique.
The Cayman Islands are no longer just a place for tax-averse investors. In the past, offshore investors were the primary visitors here because the islands are a tax-free haven. Because the Cayman Islands have a lot more to offer, genuine travelers have started coming. Nowadays, the Cayman Islands are always on the list in many travel guides around the world.