Why attend Toronto International Film Festival

The Hollywood film industry has been able to generate wisdom and creativity but unfortunately, it has not been able to disseminate it. Toronto international film festival is a platform where one can get the much wisdom of film industry as it allows the person to take a trip to the whole festival and choose the best options for them.  if you are a first time visitor than keeping in mind that this festival is so huge that you might end up spending more than half of the time in just roaming and selecting the best film, however, fellow attending get the help you to learn a lot of things. This festival is so huge that many people end up feeling that as soon as they begin understanding and enjoying, the festival ends. So in order to save yourself from repeating the same cycle next year in order to enjoy the complete show, look out for some tips and useful information.

Toronto international film festival 2017

Attending the Toronto international film festival this year is going to be the best time of your life as it host around 399 films all from 71 different countries. This year it will be the 40th anniversary of this festival which is the temporary home for all the biggest Hollywood stars and it also acts as a hub for international films from all over the world. The top Oscar winning films had this festival as the initial home for screening and in future also this festival will continue to provide a platform for all the film makers looking for a kick start.

Spot your favorite celebrity

The audience at Toronto international film festival will get to watch following amazing celebrities and movies

  • Matt Damon, the martian
  • Jake Gyllenhaal’s in demolition
  • Sandra bullock, our brand in crisis
  • Kristen Stewart with Nichola hout in equals
  • Mark Ruffalo with Rachel McAdams and Michael Keaton in spotlight

This is just the list featuring famous celebrities apart from these hundreds of more movies are being displayed at this festival.

Another major attraction at this festival is that you get a chance to spot your favorite celebrity, luckily if you get to hold to a ticket that allows you to wait in a pre-screening line which is not so close to the red carpet, then this is the place where you can find most of the celebrities giving interviews and entering the premier via separate doors. This is a suitable option only if you are lucky enough to find a magical ticket. Apart from this, there are many other chances through which you can spot your favorite celebrity.

Celebrities from all over the world attend this festival so spotting your favorite celebrity should not be a difficult task. It is very easy to spot a celebrity as many famous celebrities attend this festival with the similar needs as of an ordinary person. Toronto is also famous for amazing bars, tasty food, and excellent liquor, so at eateries also you might get a chance to spot your celebrity.

Spoiler alert

The weather at the international festival is very unpredictable, there are weather forecasters at the festival that helps to predict that what kind of weather you can face. So see for the weather forecast and keep the things accordingly.

The Canadians

When you will attend this festival you will encounter that Canada has one of the nicest people in the world. The local people there are always equally excited as the people coming from other towns or countries. They are all ready to help the visitors finding the right places to stay and to eat. The visitors always consider thanking Canadians their utmost duty.

The visitors, the out of Towner’s

The other biggest attraction of this festival is that it opens arms for people from all over the world, all people from different backgrounds and culture. So you get to encounter different personalities and culture. The out of the Towner’s comes pre-planned with all the important things like sunscreens, food, books, pre-guide.

There are many different things that you need to take into consideration before going to the festival. The festival is not all magical and error free. So it would be a good idea if you follow few tips before going to the festival.

Travel Tips for The Toronto International Film Festival

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