Why White Label Travel Portals Recommended For Travel Agents

White label travel portal is used for the online booking of Flight tickets, Hotel rooms, Rental cars, Holiday packages, Money transfers etc. These portals are mainly for the Travel agents or any travel startups who want to expand their business and to earn more profits.

Here we will discuss the features of the White Label travel portals, in order to get a brief view about how this portal is beneficial for the mid-size, Startup level Travel Portal Development Companies as well as for the travel agents:

  1. If you have less time, less budget along with the limited resources to develop the website, then this portal is perfect for you as it can be developed within 24 hrs with little investment. Most importantly At this reasonable rate both your website as well as the mobile app is developed.
  2. Through your website, you can integrate it to the leading booking service     providers of flight bookings, hotel bookings, rental car bookings, holiday package bookings etc. Who have already integrated their     system with GDS and APIs. Here you won’t have to bear the cost of GDS and API integration of your portal, which is costly and time-consuming. It also has the payment gateway integrated with all the leading bank’s online payment system.
  3. One of the main benefits of this portal is the commission which you will earn, In other words when the customer books through your website, you will get a commission from the transaction between the supplier and the customer. The commission terms will be set between you and the supplier who are integrated into your portal.
  4. In this portal, you can adjust the prices of the services by allocating your commissions to the suppliers. By this, you can fix the price according to the customer needs and as a result, you will have a good customer base.
  5. This portal automatically generates the documents of the booked tickets or rooms, which are forwarded to the suppliers, then after overviewing the documents, they forward it for the printing for the customers.
  6. This is a centralized system where the suppliers, customers, and the web portal provider are under one roof. The entire booking process is transparent to all of them and along with the documented format     which eliminates the possibility of making mistakes.
  7. You can also maintain good rapo with the well-established suppliers, by providing them some good amount of bookings from your customer base, which will concretize your position in the suppliers base. With this, you will get more discounts in their services along with the     increase in your commission.
  8. You can have your own logo on your website as well as your company name, in other words, the entire website is your brand. You can set your own theme and design to the website.
  9. After the development of the website, you don’t need any maintenance to the website, because it’s ready and complete.

In the US, the leading White label travel portal developers are from India, here we will discuss about the leading developer:

Enuke Software Pvt Ltd – One of the leading Travel Portal Development Company based in Delhi NCR, they have a client base of pan globe and have served effectively the US clients and provided the state of the art and timely delivery of the services. The main feature of this company is the transparency in their service process.They have successfully developed travel portal for Exito travels, which is a leading US-based travel service provider. They have a group of qualified and experienced developers, which provide quality service with less time consumed. They also develop API integrated portals.